• Title Insurance and Closings

    We've partnered with Qualia Connect to provide better transparency and security for your Title Insurance and Closing Services. We are a proud First American appointed Title Agency so reach out if you need help with your Title Insurance needs.


Title Insurance

A "MUST HAVE" when purchasing a new home or refinancing, Title Insurance ensures that you aren't caught off guard by any past ownership issues.


Closing/Settlement Services

We've partnered with Qualia to ensure a fast turnaround and secure/transparent process for your home closings, including Escrow Services.  


Most Popular Services

Your Place Insurance is EXCITED to begin offering Title Insurance and Settlement Services beginning September 2021. We are bringing our special brand of transparancy and education to our clients be they Realtors, Mortgage Processors or Individual Homeowners.

If you would like to get a quick quote or start processing an order simply check out our Qualia Connect service for a whole new way to make your lives easier.


Click the cover to get our Title Insurance 101 Guide for a breakdown of the basics of Title Insurance, Escrow, and the how Closings/Settlements work that will help demystify the process and show you what questions to ask to make the process easier and safer for you.

We will be constantly updating the book with the most current information, but the book currently contains basic education and introductions as well as guides and checklists to make your home buying experience less stressful. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to go over anything in the book with you or about Title Insurance in general.

Our Main Focus

Your Place Insurance is beginning their focus on partnering with Realtors and Mortgage Processors/Brokers to provide a fast, transparent and SECURE method of making sure their clients are taken care of. We are the rare agency that can handle Title AND Homeowner's Insurance with a single contact to cut down on the stress of your job. Allow us to help you help your clients!

Individual Clients

While rare, Individuals may need our services for cash sales or "just in case" checks to ensure their property's title is free and clear.

Real Estate Agents

We look forward to helping Real Estate Agents ensure their clients are taken care of quickly and securely with LOTS of education along the way.

Mortgage Brokers

Whether it's a new purchase or a simple refinance, allow YPI to help guide your customers through the process from start to closing.

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